We Have 10 Year Experience in Accounting

We at Aarambh Consultants has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you with complex issues related to matters such as financial accounting, valuations, pensions and share plans, portfolio advices, legal compliances, company secretarial functions etc. Additionally, we are providing services in the development of non-financial performance reporting, helping our clients respond to the need for greater transparency, improved corporate governance, and business models based on the principles of sustainability.


Audit and Assurance Services

We provide you the various Audit services like Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, Internal & Management Audit, Information System Audit, Concurrent Audit, Revenue & Income & Expenditure Audit etc.

Tax Advisory and Compliance Services

Aarambh Consultants provides Indirect Tax advisory- advisory companies, firms & individuals on sales planning, Indirect tax management- attending to registration, records, periodic compliances etc.

Corporate Advisory Services

We also provide Corprate Advisory Services like Management Consulting, Transactions & Restructuring, Risk Consulting.

Management Consultancy Services

We also provide guidance on legal compliances such as designing and implementation of Accounting and procedures. Monitoring and Audit of financial records and many more.

Business Outsourcing Services

We provide Book Keeping & Accounting Services, Payroll Processing , Digital Signature Services, TDS Filling and many other Business Outsourcing Services.


We provide capital from banks to businesses, consumers, and investors to help them achieve their goals.

Why choose us ?

Financing is the process of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing. Financial institutions such as banks are in the business of providing capital to businesses, consumers, and investors to help them achieve their goals. The use of financing is vital in any economic system, as it allows companies to purchase products out of their immediate reach.

The business and tax landscapes have changed dramatically, and the pace and complexity of change continues to increase. We can help you navigate this shifting landscape. Governments are tempering the need for revenue with increased competition for labor and capital. Tax authorities are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing dynamics of business. Companies are balancing competing priorities, ensuring they maintain compliance while adding value. We can assist you with these critical issues in today's tax environment

The world is changing at a very fast rate and so are the rules & regulations in today’s complex financial & business world, everyone needs reliable, professional taxation help & consultancy for managing personal & business finances.

It is not only necessary to ensure that all transactions are accounted for in compliance with the various statutory requirements, it is also important to make the most of every opportunity to maximize the income of every assessee & properly plan the taxing regivess so as to maximize the tax liability by claiming the various exemptions & deductions. We offer our services in the following are as in Direct Taxation.

"Audit" may be statutory or discretionary, if planned properly; it is one of the most useful management tools. We follow the process of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business, accounting system & intend controls & this enables us to for a key area & make us more efficient compared to say normal audit.

Our audit Approach is business oriented & we implement the latest method for maximizing audit efficiency through a rich based international audit approach. This has helped us in delivering value added advisory services to are clients in a timely manner. Bhattacharjee S & Co. has a significant audit practice which it does not deviate from since its foundation in 1983. Over the years we have specialized in carrying out the internal management audits of various business liabilities. Our form has been to audit as per the statutory requirement & also help our clients with reporting on irregularities & weakness in the interval controls & systems for proper action & rectification.

As the auditors of several companies, we are in a special position to provide business with constructive, ideas & in sights. We being outsiders to the client’s organization can be objective in presenting are observations & suggestions. Business advisory services are offered in the hope that they will establish a creative exchange of ideas, one which will result in meaningful actions enhance the company’s growth and profitability or to benefit and strengthen the organization while enhancing the depth and value of the professional relationship mutually, for client and the firm.